Mobile-Based Library Loan Services – MBLLS


Naji Shukri Alzaza & Abdul Nasir Z.
Faculty of Information Technology, Universiti Utara Malaysia, 06010, UUM Sintok, Kedah, Malaysia &


          Most libraries provide book reservation and renewal services through the library counter as well as online computer.  However, through the counter, these services are only available during office hours. Even though through online computer, users are able to access the services anytime, but they must be connected to the Internet which limits their access to these services.  Since the need of library users have increased tremendously, an alternative technology is required.  Thus, mobile technology has been identified as a potential alternative since it is able to provide the two services anytime and anywhere. This paper discusses a prototype Mobile-Based Library Loan Service (Mblls), a facility which has been developed for library users to access online library services through mobile devices. MBLLS was developed for book reservation and renewal services. Results of user evaluation on the MBLLS indicate that it has good usability in terms of Usefulness, Ease of Use and Outcome/Future Use. The results also indicate that there is a significant difference between novice and expert users for Usefulness and Ease of Use, while no significant difference for Outcome/Future Use.

Keywords: Mobile Technology, Library Loan Services, Mobile Loan Service 

Editorial Team: Proceedings of the Rural ICT Development Conference ’07 (RICTD’07), 20 – 21 November, Executive Development Centre (EDC), UUM. © Faculty of Information Technology, Universiti Utara Malaysia. 2007

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