1998_google2[1] Google was started as a research project by two Stanford PhD students named Sergey Brin and Larry page. They registered the domain name in the year 1997 and in September 1998, it became a privately owned incorporate Google Inc. With its extensive research on search algorithms and use of state of the art technology, Google successfully established its brand name in internet search engines market. By the year 2004, Google came up covering over 75% of US web search market. Though Google is a dominating player in internet searching market, it has to compete with its rivals in this field where there is no long time entry barrier. Google can expand / change its business model to survive in this best search engine race.

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  1. Hello Mr Naji,
    Actually i would to ask you some questions; it came during the reading of this wonderful analysis.
    1- In the weaknesses of google SWOT analysis ,”Google‟s link based ranking did not employ actual traffic analysis” i found it hard to link between the traffic analysis and google links ranking.
    2- As well as in the weaknesses of the SWOT analysis A i found it hart to simplify 7 and 8 points.

    Tanks Mr Naji for these opportunity to asking you like this questions.

    1. Hi Mohammed
      your perspective is right, as you know, SWOT analysis is subjective approach
      However, these points to give all students some knoledge and real practice for the SWOT question in the final exam

      Best regards

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