Mobile Learning (m-learning) in Palestine

imageNowadays, the most concerns are paid to the Mobile Learning (m-learning) rather than e-learning. However, we can see m-learning as the next form of e-learning using mobile technologies to facilitate education for teachers and learners. However, everything will be Mobile (Alzaza & Yaakub, 2010).

Ambient Insight (2010) listed ten types of packaged applications and content are utilized successfully in United States ‘ m-learning market that are:

1. Language learning

2. Travel and tourism

3. Academic test preparation

4. General education, study guides, and reference

5. Simulation and Game-based Learning

6. Medical, health, nutrition, and fitness

7. Business, sales, and finance

8. Handheld Decision Support

9. Professional licensure, continuing education (CE), and continuing medical education (CME)

10. Professional training and development

Furthermore, literature review shows that m-learning has all chance to fully utilize and diffuse. Several studies provided the case studies about utilizing it in the developed countries and in the developing countries, as well.

Figure below shows the trend of m-learning adoption which goes to more collaboration instead of just learning.M-Learning Adotion Rate

However,  to reach to this level of adoption or diffusion we should be ready to utilize m-learning technology. This lead to understand the infrastructure state and the user knowledge and awareness of such technology.  In Gaza we have the  appropriate or enough infrastructure, such as devices and wireless equipment in our Higher Education(HE)

as a step towards clear understanding , I’m doing  on study aims to investigate the Opportunities for Utilizing Mobile Learning (m-learning) in the Palestinian Higher Education.  the study  focusing on Gaza strip universities.

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