Individual Assignment of Operating Systems Essentials

Dear OS students,

Assalamualaikum and good day.

The tasks of Operating Systems Essentials’ individual assignment as follow:

1. Each student has to select three distributions of Linux and compare between them.

2. One of these three selected distributions must presented in the class within 15 minutes.

3. Each student has to reserve one distribution name for presentation by write a comment on this post.

Example : Student No: 20093245, Distribution Name: Ubuntu

This Assignment will give students 10% of the mark.

Here some useful links to find distributions list.

11 فكرة على ”Individual Assignment of Operating Systems Essentials

  1. Assignment changed to be by group as follow

    1. Each group should be formed of 3 t0 4 members

    2. Each member has to present a unique distribution as mentioned in the tasks of assignment

    3. presentation must be in the same PPT file and group will be together

    4. There is no need to compare between group distribuations

    This done because the students count is so high

    Best regards

  2. Assalamualaikum Dr. Naji

    How about talking in Linux based mobile operating systems like
    android Google’s mobile OS
    webOS HP/Palm mobile OS
    Maemo Nokia’s mobile OS
    MeeGo Linux Foundation mobile OS
    Bada Samsung’s mobile OS

    my groub members are :
    Ahmed Alsaqqa
    Rajab Alnabeeh
    Yahya El-nuri

  3. Our Group :
    Mohammed EL-Batta —– KNOPPIX Distribution
    Omar Uliwa —– Slackware Distribution
    Mo2yad Abu EL-Jubain —– Mint Distribution

  4. السلام عليكم دكتور،
    راح ينطلب منّا مثل هادا الواجب؟
    عشان اذا اه أبدأ شغل فيه قبل الزحمة ..

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