Slides of Data Visualization

Dear DV Students,

Here you will find the Data Visualization Course’s Slides.

You have to visit this post frequently to be updated.

1. Module DV01

2. Module DV02

3. Module DV03

4. Module DV04

5. Module DV05


Best Regards


9 أفكار على ”Slides of Data Visualization

  1. Dear Dr Naji
    Please dr naje we want a description about the form of the exam and there is a questionf about student presntations involved in the exam

    1. Hi Moamer,

      I’ve given such description in the last class, you ask your friends.

      Regarding the students’ presentations, unfortunately, only one student sent, so all students will lose this chance. Therefore, there is no question from the students’ presentations.

      Best Regards

  2. السلام عليكم:
    لقد ارسلت لكم رسالة بريد الكتروني تحتوي سؤالين حول العرض التقدمي الذي قدمته خلال الاسبوع الماضي
    ارجوا منكم تاكيد الاستلام او عدمه بالطريقة التي ترونها مناسبة
    هذا بريدي الاكتوني الفعال حاليا
    ولكم الشكر
    وجام منصور

  3. Dr: naji when i search for data visualization volume rendering i found powerfull topic but
    Icannt know if it related or not
    the topic is volume visulization
    Volume visualization – techniques used to visualize three-dimensional data sets. In biomedicine, this usually involves a model of a human patient, which can aide physicians in recognizing and studying disease and physiology in general

    can i add this topic to my presntation

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