Hello! New Academic Semester

Hello!Dear student,

It’s my pleasure to start this academic semester (sem. 1st 2011/2012) by this post.

I hope that this semester. will be better its predecessors in terms of knowledge, exercise, and marks Smile.

My message for you is that you should pay more attention to your classes and assignments. However, Always I encourage my students to follow my assignments (individual and group) to credit more and more marks easily. For further info., I suggest to ask My students in predecessor sem.

Last but not least, I look forward to further cooperation and interaction.

I appreciate your comments on my blog

تعليقاتكم و ملاحظاتكم تسعدني


Dr. Naji Shukri Alzaza


7 أفكار على ”Hello! New Academic Semester

  1. مبارك الدكتوره و ان شاء الله مزيد من التقدم لك والي الامام .

    اختك الكريمه . ام احمد الظاظا.

    ولك تحية خاصه من الاخ ابو عزمي

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