OS Individual Homework

questionsanswering3dcharacterstockphotoDear OS students,                                            Updated 

    Assalmaualaikum and good day.

    This is an individual  homework. You have to answer the question below and submit your solution as follow:

      Writing style: Handwriting.
      Due date: Sunday October 23, 2011 during the class time.


  1. Suppose that the following processes arrive for execution at the times indicated. Each process will run for the amount of time listed. In answering the questions, use nonpreemptive scheduling, and base all decisions on the information you have at the time the decision must be made.

  2. Process

    Arrival Time

    Burst Time










  3. A. What is the average turnaround time for these processes with the FCFS scheduling algorithm?

    B. What is the average turnaround time for these processes with the SJF scheduling algorithm?

    C. The SJF algorithm is supposed to improve performance, but notice that we chose to run process P1 at time 0 because we did not know that two shorter processes would arrive soon. Compute what the average turnaround time will be if the CPU is left idle for the first 1 unit and then SJF scheduling is used. Remember that processes P1 and P2 are waiting during this idle time, so their waiting time may increase. This algorithm could be known as future-knowledge scheduling.

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