Lessons learnt from the Panorama’s Assignment: Students’ Perceptions

correct As we discussed during last Virtual Reality class, I’d like to ask each student about his/her perception and opinion about the Panorama’s assignment. Each student has to answer this question:

What you have learnt from your working on Panorama’s assignment?

Answer should as a comment on this post. Leave your Full Name and university number.


10 أفكار على ”Lessons learnt from the Panorama’s Assignment: Students’ Perceptions

  1. helps the person to know the place which is going before going the place
    good marketing
    Allow you to look at the map of the places you have visited

  2. learn new photography skills and point set up on the panorama photography to present some invisible or visible details which is help in many things ,and the most important are:
    1- photograph a zone over many positions and make points in order to identify the positions .For example ,a company or institution make like this photo and put it in the website for customers to identify company position.
    2. allow to zoom the distance in a simple shape where can be make photo’s with specific points for far positions that’s hard to access from everybody , as making Aqssa Mosque panorama where people can’t reach in order to identify for the people to know and see it close to reality, and this applies the concept of virtual reality to some extent

    Best Wishes
    Mohammed A. Shaath

  3. learn new technology about photos and videos , panoramas can help people to know more about places , people can see the places before they visit it.
    panorama good for viewing any thing , can be videos or photos also you can play it easly like zoom in and out , turn left and right , go to other place in same panorama .
    i really learnt a new technology and i wish to learn more like this technology.

    best wishes
    Mohammed S. Miqdad

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