EDRMS Group Assignment – Group Wrok

Dear Students of EDRMS,

Assalamualikum and Good day. As we discussed during last class; each group (2-3 students) has to do these tasks:

Task #1: Select one chapter of the EDRMS reference book. Each group should accomplish the following:

· Present the theoretical knowledge in the class.

· Provide one quiz, assignment, and practical issues regarding the chapter.

· Any relevant information that may support your presentation are welcome and will be added value for the group member.

· Submit all soft copy or hard copy of materials that were used.


Task #2: Each group should select one institution (such as university, company, court, ..) to study the opportunities for utilizing EDRMS. Each group should submit report comprises the following:

· Overview about the institute.

· Current state of institute in terms of EDRMS issues.

· Recommendation for enhance, build, or utilize EDRMS for the institute.

Deadline to finish as follows:

Task #1 is on Tuesday; April 28, 2015

Task #2 is on Tuesday; May 5, 2015.

For more info, don’t hesitate to ask; just leave a comment

Best Regards


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