ITPM Group Assignment: SWOT Analysis

Dear students of ITPM,

Assalamualikum and Good day.

  Each group has to select a local Institution, Association, Company, or University as a case study to analyze its currant Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Plan.

Collect information about the selected Case Study to understand its structure, its environment, and its new direction for the future.

Tasks: Analyze, discuss, and write a critical report about the Case Study in terms of:

Background, History, and future.

1. Analyze current ICT strategic Plan to show whether it is aligned and relevant to meet the strategic direction and set under its umbrella vision.

2. Your recommendation for the case study.

3. Use at least two (2) tools and techniques for analysis (you may use System approach and SWOT Analysis).

4. Gather data and info from every reliable source you can get, you have to list your references.

5. You may interview key people for information. Make sure you record the people you talked to.

6. Establish a strategic ICT plan for the selected company.

7. Last but not least submit all soft copy or hard copy of materials used in the study.

8. Each group has to present its works.

Each group should be formed between 2-3 students only

Due date for PowerPoint presentation is on May25, 2015 (Saturday).

Due date for Submitting Case study is on May29, 2015 (Monday). (Case Study template and format is given here).

For any inquiry or question, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.


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